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    A Gunite pool is a commitment to a new lifestyle. Your backyard will become a renewed source of relaxation, a private place to exercise, and a fun destination for picnics and parties. Nestled among lush gardens, melding with your architectural style, your Gunite pool becomes an extension of you and your home.

    Whether you decide to build a round pool or a free form model, careful planning will ensure maximum enjoyment from your investment.

    In addition to providing a convenient place to cool off, exercise, and gather with family and friends, an in ground pool represents a major investment in your home. Before diving into details about measurements, materials, and other necessities, use this web site to think through some basics about pool ownership.

  • Building your new health investment is an involved process.  You've been thinking about the aesthetics for years and its time to move into a design phase.  Our experienced sales consultant will take your aesthetic ideas and our 30 plus years of building experience to help make your dream a reality.

    An addition to your Gunite  Pool is a relaxing therapeutic spa that offers physical and emotional stress relief.  The bubbling and pressure action of spa jets help alleviate joint and muscle pain.  In addition to soothing your body, hot water can help with blood flow as well as reduce a body's blood pressure.  Reduced Back pain, arthritis and improved cardiovascular health are just some of the benefits you'll enjoy with your new Gunite Spa.

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  • Quality pool equipment with the best warranties in the business.  Swimming pool equipment is essential for a care free pool and at Gunite Pools, Inc. we strive in procuring equipment with the best warranties that save you money not only in operation but also in repair costs.  Our chlorine generators offer between 3-7 years of cell warranty where others offer only 1 year.

    Our pool filtration systems are designed for the best pool filtration and performances for in-floor cleaners, chorination and spa jets. 

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  • Don't slave over your pool.  Various pool cleaners exist where you can have an inexpensive 'robot' roam the pool floors and walls that will scrub and collect debris keeping your pool nice and clean.  More sophisticated in-floor pool cleaners can clean up to 99% of your pool and will help with pool heating costs as the pool is heated from the bottom up.

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  • Already have a pool?  Give it a makeover by resurfacing the interior and exterior making it like new again.  Tile, cracks and deck paint can be addressed and your pool can look like new again.  Pool pumps, filters, heaters and timers can all be repaired or replaced at reasonable prices.

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  • If you find you need to close your pool for the season, you will want to protect your health investment by ensuring the time clock is running enough time to circulate the pool water at least 3 times.  Although chlorination is reduced, it is still required in keeping algae growth from occurring.  This ensures that minimal work will be required when you decide to re-open your pool.  In the Rio Grande Valley, you can add a pool heater and enjoy your pool year round. 

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  • Do you need to know what your pool is lacking?  Our pool inspection services will cover all aspects of your pool by conducting an inspection that covers pool lighting, chlorination, electrical bonding, safety concerns and aesthetics.

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  • Chemicals used in swimming pools contribute differently to the make up of the water.  Calcium hypochlorite will increase the pH and alkalinity where Tri-chlor will reduce both the pH and alkalinity.  Because most pool interiors are made of cement products, their properties tend to make water alkaline.  Proper water chemistry not only affects the water sanitization process but also the life of the pool interior.

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  • Giving your pool a face lift will provide you and your family with a continued backyard paradise.  Water features, pool lighting and pool decks are examples of the few options that you can add to your pool to enhance your experience.

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