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  • Our belief at Gunite Pools, Inc. is that our customers are purchasing a swimming pool to enjoy....not work on. We offer a self cleaning and self chlorinating pool that drastically reduces the costs associated with pool maintenance. By offering quality products and warranties, a Gunite Pool will prove to be cost effective for years to come.

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  • Gunite is a process of applying concrete to a structure. It is commonly used to build pools as well as bridges, tunnels and water tanks to name but a few.

    Gunite comes in two basic forms...a dry gun and a wet gun..

    The dry gun method uses a gunite rig in which sand and regular cement are mixed and compressed. This mixture is then blown through a hose where water is added at the tip of the hose and then blown into the walls and floor.

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  • In-floor pool cleaners offer the most efficient distribution of filtered, chemically treated or heated pool water.  The system is installed into the pool floor and will have at least 5 stations.

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  • If your pool is in need of a facelift, give us a call.  Tile, decking, pool plaster and coping stone call all be changed.  Even the plumbing.   Breathe new life into an old pool and you'll be amazed at the results!

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  • Chlorine generators produce chlorine by taking salt that is in the water and breaking up the two components sodium and chloride using electrolysis.  In addition to this, the salt in the water gives it a smooth silky feeling on the skin.  Because the chlorine generator produces chlorine, it doesn't contain the additional compounds found in granular or tablet chlorine.

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  • Giving your pool a face lift can include the changing of the interior surface including the tile and plaster.  In addition, you can change or add brick coping to your pool and breathe new life into your health investment.

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  • A Gunite Pool is a commitment to a new lifestyle. Your backyard will become a renewed source of relaxation, a private place to exercise, and a fun destination for picnics and parties. Nestled among lush gardens, melding with your architectural style, your Gunite Pool becomes an extension of you and your home.

    Since 1981, Gunite Pools, Inc. has been the swimming pool contractor of choice for the Rio Grande Valley.  Not only do we have pool designs that fit any budget but we also install pool equipment that reduce the cost to maintain your health investment.

    Whether you decide to build a round pool or a free form model, careful planning will ensure maximum enjoyment from your investment.

    In addition to providing a convenient place to cool off, exercise, and gather with family and friends, an in ground pool represents a major investment in your home. Before diving into details about measurements, materials, and other necessities, use this web site to think through some basics about pool ownership.  Stay cool this summer in a Gunite pool!

    Pool construction costs vary with size, pool cleaners, pool equipment and pool interiors to name a few options robotic cleaners are less expensive than in-floor pool cleaners.  Colored plaster is also more expensive than white plaster.  When thinking about your dream pool, special considerations should be placed in the maintenance of the pool and its equipment.  There are several pool builders that will install very basic filtration that cost more to operate and may not provide the healthy water you seek.

    Salt water pools are generally pools that have a chlorine generator.   These devices will separate the sodium and chloride components of salt thus generating pure chlorine and the salt in the water provides a soft silky bathing experience.

    Don't settle for imitations, get a real Gunite Pool!