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  • Gunite is a process or method of building a swimming pool. It is widely use around the world and has been in existence for many years. We are not nor do we claim to be the owner to this method or process nor did we invent it. What we do claim is the name Gunite Pools, Inc. that has been spoken all over the Rio Grande Valley for over 3o years. Because of this, we take issue with some builders (or wannabes) that claim to build Gunite Pools. Their obvious attempt is not to state the type of pool they build but to confuse the public of the Valley of who they are. Our focus is and always will be our customers and we will continue to distiguish ourselves from our competition by using innovative construction methods and pool equipment second to none.

    With that said let's talk about us. Gunite Pools, Inc is located in the beautiful Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. It was founded by Mr. J.P. "Tino" Garcia in 1980 after working for two local competitors. Since then, Gunite Pools, Inc. has built pools all over the Valley as well as Corpus Christi. We honestly believe that our products save our customers time, money and frustration. Our innovative designs, pool equipment and service have earned us the reputation of a quality pool builder.

    We are not the largest pool builder in the Valley nor do we want to be. We feel that we will be better able to address your personal needs on a one to one basis than that of myriad of personnel that don't know who you are. If you have dealt with us in the past, we'll probably remember your pool, location, who built it and how old it is.

    Our office is located on FM1015N and Mile 12-1/2 in Mercedes Texas. This allows us to serve the entire Valley from a central location. With over 30+years of "hands-on" experience you can rest assured that our staff of pool professionals can address all of your pool concerns.