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  • What is a skimmer weir?

    A pool skimmer weir works by utilizing the swimming pool pump suction to draw leaves and debris into a skimmer basket. A weir uses a foam float to create a wave of debris that is drawn into the skimmer throat and ultimately into the skimmer basket. If your pool skimmer weir is missing, the pool surface water is not being properly skimmed for debris. Most weirs are easy to install and snap right into the skimmer body. A typical cost for a weir is between $15 and $30 depending upon the

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    How many hours should the pool pump run?

    How many hours should the pool pump run? A swimming pool recirculating system takes water from the pool, filters, heats and then chlorinates the water before returning it to the pool. There is a certain flow rate that occurs and it is different for every pool installation. Using simple numbers, if you have a 10,000 gallon pool and a flow-rate of 50 g.p.m.(gallons per minute) you will multiply 50 g.p.m. x 60 (minutes in one hour) to get 3000 g.p.h. (gallons per hour). You then divide the

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    High Winds & Pool Maintenance

    High Winds & Pool Maintenance High winds are a clean swimming pool's nightmare as flying debris such as leaves, plastic shopping bags, dirt, etc will easily invade your clean pool and not only give the pool an undesirable look it will also bog down the pool's filtration and cleaning system.   It is recommended that pool owners clean the swimming pool skimmer and pump baskets daily to allow the filtration and cleaning system to continue removing the debris from the pool.

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