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  • Buying a swimming pool is similar to purchasing a car or truck.  Some pool builders will have a base price that is calculated by surface area square footage while others will calculate it upon the perimeter of the pool.

    • What are considered accessories?

      Diving boards, slides, therapeutic spas are considered accessories and each will have a construction requirement and add to the total cost of the pool

    • What type of pool cleaners are available pool?

      There are basically three types of pool cleaners:

      -In-floor pool cleaners are built into the pool floor

      -Suction type robotic pool cleaners will either have a dedicated wall fitting or will be attached to a pool skimmer

      -Pressure type robotic cleaners will either have a dedicated pump and wall fitting or use a pool return

      The in-floor pool cleaner is generally most expensive while the robotic cleaners are less expensive.  The advantage of an in-floor pool cleaner is that it can cleaner more pool area and you don't have to tangle with hoses and the head unit when you want to swim.

    • What type of pool filter should I use?

      Most pool builders in this area use diatamaceous earth (d.e.).  This type of filter requires frequent backwashing which is a process of removing the d.e. powder and captured dirt/debris.  At backwash completion, you will need to add an appropriate amount of d.e. powder to commence the pool filtration cycle.

      Sand filters use the same backwashing method, however, the filter sand is a permanent filter media and usuall needs to be replenished after a year of service.

      Both of the above consume pool water to clean the filters.

      A cartridge filter can last between 6 months and a year before the cartridge filters will need to be removed and cleaned using a garden hose or pressure washer.  This type of filter when properly sized affords the most economic pool filtration system and flow rate.

    • Can I put in a diving board into a small pool?

      Generally, no.  Diving requires a certain length and width before a 'break' in the pool floor.  Just because a pool is deep on one end does not allow for a diving board to be installed.

    • What kind of automation is available for my pool?

      If you have a water features, multiple pumps, pool heater and/or spa, you will benefit from the addition of a pool control system.  There are systems that allow you to set the pool water temperature, turn the pool pumps on and off, pool lights, etc from the convenience of your office or phone.  No more fumbling with valves and knobs.