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  • High Winds & Pool Maintenance

    High winds are a clean swimming pool’s nightmare as flying debris such as leaves, plastic shopping bags, dirt, etc will easily invade your clean pool and not only give the pool an undesirable look it will also bog down the pool’s filtration and cleaning system.


    It is recommended that pool owners clean the swimming pool skimmer and pump baskets daily to allow the filtration and cleaning system to continue removing the debris from the pool. Doing so will help protect your pool pump from running dry and burning out a seal or motor.

    Pool Cleaners

    Some in-floor cleaners can have the “pop-up” heads synchronized in such a way to move dirt and debris towards drains and skimmers.


    Robotic cleaners either have a basket of their own or use either or both the skimmer and pump baskets to capture debris.



    Swimming pools with return inlets in the pool walls can direct water flow to move dirt and debris towards drains and skimmers as well.

    Was my pool even cleaned?

    Don’t blame the pool guy! Even though your pool maintenance person may have cleaned your pool, you may find it dirty within a few hours as high winds move debris around even as it is being cleaned. Unless the pool is enclosed, there is no real sure fire way to prevent debris from entering your pool during these high winds we’ve been experiencing here in the RGV.

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