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  • How many hours should the pool pump run?

    A swimming pool recirculating system takes water from the pool, filters, heats and then chlorinates the water before returning it to the pool.

    There is a certain flow rate that occurs and it is different for every pool installation. Using simple numbers, if you have a 10,000 gallon pool and a flow-rate of 50 g.p.m.(gallons per minute) you will multiply 50 g.p.m. x 60 (minutes in one hour) to get 3000 g.p.h. (gallons per hour). You then divide the 10,000 by 3,000 which results in a 3.33333 run-time for the pool filtration system to turn the water over once.

    Environmental considerations such as debris going into the pool, bather load, etc will increase the amount of times the water needs to be turned over to properly sanitize and filter the water.

    A rule of thumb for properly sized pool equipment is to run the pool pump between 8-12 hours during the summer and 4-6 hours during the winter.

    Other factors such as the type of sanitizer used, pool cleaner type, bather load, etc used also contribute to the amount of run-time the pool pump requires to run in order to complete it’s task of a maintaining a sparkling clear pool.

    For example, if you use a chlorine generator you may find yourself running higher pump run-times to allow the chlorine generator enough time to produce the chlorine from salt. Or if your pool is next to a agriculture field you may have to run the pump longer so that the pool cleaner can do it’s job.

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