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  • Thinking about renovating your health investment?  Tile, coping, mosaics, decking, pool interior, light fixtures and swimming pool filtration equipment can be modernized.  The pool shape can be changed, water features can be added or a simple face-lift can be performed to breathe new life into your health investment.  We can do just about anything to your pool to give it that new look and feel.


    • Saltwater Systems - In addition to making the water softer, saltwater systems or chlorine generators can make chlorine for your pool.

    • In-floor or Robotic cleaners - Robotic pool cleaners can be rebuilt or replaced.  If we built your pool that included an in-floor cleaner, chances are the cleaning heads are under warranty.  

    • Heaters - Is your pool heater needing repair or replacement?  Get it ready for spring break!
    • Filters -  Tired of backwashing or the mess left behind with D.E. filters.  Switch to a 4 cartridge system that will save you water, chemicals and time.
    • Pumps - Newer high performance pumps with energy efficient motors can save you time and money.

    • Pool Interior - The pool interior can be changed to a different color or type.  Shimmering pebbles or a dark shade of blue will change the way your pool looks and feels.
    • Brick Coping - Add brick coping to your pool and change the aesthetic look.

    • Light Fixtures - Want to change the mood while you swim or entertain at night?  Change out the light fixture to an LED color light.

    • Mosaics - Dolphins, turtles, fish mosaics can be added to your pool when you re-plaster the interior giving it a fun look!
  • How we can help?

    We want to help you to make an informed decision about your equipment upgrades. Give us a call or send us an email if you are interested in an upgrade. We'll be glad to provide you with information on what we recommend along with a free base quote over the phone for standard installation on many pool equipment items.